Sunday, January 27, 2008

A sharpie + A plain mug = uniqueness.

So this is it.
My simple yet fun idea for making a simple mug fun and personal.
Take a sharpie in the color of your choice - and simply write your word (ala Ali) or your mantra.
keep it simple.
keep it neat.
make it yours.
fun right?
Elise's mug inspired this idea.
SO freaking simple - yet to me it really does speak volumes.
And who might be your *new* favorite mug.
And if you make one - and feel like it, i would LOVE to see all the words that you all live by. So post it to our Make It Group
I made myself the relax one...but I'm wanting to send out the Overlooker one.
i used a random number generator - I used numbers 1-376 because thats how many members we have. It selected number 145.
I have selected the 145th member to join...which is....Sarajea,(who's photos are so insanely beautiful they make me want to scream) so send me your address!



Andy said...

neat idea. i may have to take one of the mug that we use to heat up the water for my son's bottle

firelizardz said...

Oh I so want to do this!!!

elizabeth said...

i'm all over this too!

but umm...does it come off when you wash it or put it in the dishwasher???

Je said...

Cool idea! And so simple.

Lara said...

love this.. perfect for my fave white cups!

jesswrites said...
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jesswrites said...

does the sharpie stay on after a few runs in the dish washer?