Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Overlooked on hold...

but that doesn't mean the inspiration has to stop.
I have to chill out on Overlooked for a couple of weeks so that I can teach my first ever Design School class at Scrap In Style TV.

And trust me...if you love Overlooked I promise you will love Unpredictable Requests...
lots of random.
lots of photo challenges.
journaling prompts.
some techniques.

Here is the summary:

Do you need some inspiration?

Has your mojo officially left the planet?

Are you open to new subject matter?

Are you feeling random and spontaneous?

Even better - Are you feeling too safe and cozy?

Do you just want to have some fun?

Here's the deal.

Think scrapbooking challenges, photography subject inspiration, creative sparks, memorabilia scavenger hunt, nitty gritty subject/journaling matter, recycled scrappy items put to good use, and simple techniques that you can use over againall rolled into one class. Put into the method of your choosing.

Whether itsscrapbook pages, a mini ablum, a big sketchbook, a journal, or a ring full of ATCcards...

10 days of unpredictable requests.

Are you game?

To all my friends and readers...its gonna be a good time.
A randomly miscellaneous crazy spontaneous time.
Say you'll join me.

for some reason my html link isn't copy and paste this...let me know if it doesnt' work!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Jot It. Subject V. Street Signs.

Consider these ideas when thinking about journaling your street sign.

Write the directions in the same way that you would describe to someone how to get to your house.

Write about the landmarks you always pass on your way home.

Do you love your neighborhood?

Do you love your neighbors? Whether you do or you don't...describe them.

How long have you lived on this road? Do you think you will ever leave?

Do you live in the city? The country?

What are some observations you have while turning into your neighborhood?

Here is the new group to upload your picture to...Flickr Group Subject V

If you have a cool prompt idea for this me @ - share the inspiration!

I am working slowly but surely on making this place a little cozier - and a little more visually appealing. Also thinking about things I can do to inspire you more - and get more people involved. I am always open for suggestions.

Have a good week Overlookers!