Friday, February 22, 2008

Snap It - Subject Three - Refrigerator Raider

Every house has one.
We all visit it. (some of us more than others)
We put things in...We take things out.
Its on every episode of Cribs...

That's right...Subject 3 is The REFRIGERATOR. The FRIDGE. The FRIGIDAIRE. The ICEBOX.
Whatever you call it, you have one.

I was inspired to make this our new subject while putting groceries away. I like the way things look when they are all in their place, when the drawers are filled with fruits and veggies - when there is juice, water, diet cokes in their spot. Nice and stocked. Surely I'm not the only one that feels this way.

I also want to look back and remember things that were constants. Things that were ALWAYS in my fridge. Things that my family consumed on the daily. Things I bought the generic brand of, things I didn't mind spending the extra money on. The ingredients always on hand for the meals I made often.

Instead of the inside of your fridge or freezer. You could also take a picture of whats ON your fridge. The alphabet magnets, the to-do lists, the pictures, the fruit stickers, the forms you need to sign, the coupons you've clipped. Believe it or not, a snapshot of whats ON your fridge at the current moment is a beautiful slice of life and will reveal more than you think.

Consider these ideas on Snapping your photo this week:
  1. Snap something you keep in there JUST for your spouse,gf,or bf.
  2. Snap something you keep in there JUST for the kiddos.
  3. Snap something that is such a naughty, guilty pleasure.
  4. Snap something inside that you can't believe you bought.
  5. Take a step back and snap a picture of the whole fridge- with the doors closed.
  6. Instead of snapping a view of the whole inside - highlight something you always have in your fridge.
  7. Snap the front of the fridge - The magnets, the coupons, the pictures - whatever is ON your fridge.
  8. Snap a picture of the whole thing doors open.
  9. Snap a picture of your pantry.
As usual - here is yummy Flickr inspiration.
So I've seen Mariah Carey's, Simon Cowell's, and now I want to see yours.

wondering what I'll cook for dinner tonight,

I want to say thank you for those of you who took the time to vote. It means alot to me that you know that I value your input. With the way the votes went - I will be keeping things exactly the way they are. For those of you who find it inconvenient, I want you to know that I truly from the bottom of my heart hope you decide to still participate.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The dealio.

Hey lady loves...There has been lots of emails/opinions/preferences brought to my attention about how everyone wants the Flickr groups to be set up.

I am all about working to make things better - working to do things to make this easy and fun as opposed to a pain in the _____. I don't want to change the blog and the groups every couple of weeks - and I also have come to the realization that I will never, ever be able to make everyone happy. So let's try to come up with something...and get back to the photos, the writing, and the creating. is the dealio. I have created a poll to the left. Please vote...and vote only once. I will NOT have a new Overlooked up in the morning. This week will give everyone the opportunity to vote - Give me a chance to create a widget - And to take care of a sick husband and two sick boys. (The girls - Marley Jane and myself are going strong)

Also at the bottom left there is a spot to enter your email to be notified of Overlooked blog updates. (also an overlooker request) I aim to please. :o)

Have a good week.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Make It - Subject Two - Collections

So this is Part III - which concludes the three part challenge of Subject Two - Collections.

If you are just joining us, this is the week that the picture you took for Part I and your thoughts from Part II are combined in some way. Whether its a traditional scrapbook page, a daily addition to your own personal journal , a blog entry with the two, a mini album, a daily card, or something for your home.

Try to create something that joins the two together.

Remember - no time limits - no deadlines - no requirements...If you ever come to Overlooked and just aren't "feeling" the subject - you just aren't inspired DON'T DO IT. Get in where you fit in...have fun. Do it because you want to do it...

I have created a Flickr Group for Part III. I have been asked to create a group for each individual Subject...Don't be mad at me - but I'm just going to stick to the one group for now.

Overlooked - Make It - All Subjects

This is also a CHOICE that you have. Please feel free to ONLY upload your project (if you wish) to the online gallery of your choosing and if you want to share your Part III love - then leave a link to the what you have created and post it in the comments section of this entry. Don't feel like you have to post it here as well as the place you normally upload layouts.

A couple of simple suggestions for your projects.

  1. Going back to the journaling idea - how about writing a list of each item in your collection along with dates, or comments about it.
  2. What about using arrows cut out of different patterened papers and pointing to different items in the collection and jotting a couple of thoughts about them.
  3. Use something from your collection on your page. If you save postcards - use one! If you collect stamps - add one! If you save patches - attach one! If you snapped a picture of your child's ever growing artwork pile as your collection - scrap right on top of it! (you get my drift)

So come on...rock my socks off...pretty please?!


Monday, February 4, 2008

Jot It - Subject Two - Collections

Twenty Three Ideas for JOTting Subject Two.

1. When did this collection start?
2. How did it start?
3. Which item started it all?
4. Which is your most favorite of the bunch and why?
5. Which is your least favorite of the bunch and why?
6. Which is the newest addition and when was it purchased?
7. Which is the most expensive, and are you ashamed to admit just how much it was?
8. Which is the cheapest of the group?
9. Which do you consider to be the most interesting and why?
10. Which is the ugliest of all? What makes it so ugly?
11. Are people jealous of your collection?
12. Do people help you?
By buying you additions at Christmas or birthdays or keeping their eyes peeled at thrift stores?
13. List them all. Out beside the list of each one write a little comment.
14. Does your collection take up lots of space? If so, is that cool with everyone in the house?
15. Does this collection annoy others, and if so why?
16. Did this start on purpose or was it an accidental accumulation?
17. Did someone in particular inspire this obsession?
18. Would you ever get rid of this collection?
19. What would it take for you to get rid of it?
20. Does it collect dust or is it lovingly attended to often?
21. Is the relationship with your prized possessions serious or casual?
22. Which gets the most use?
23. Are you "over" your collection, but will probably have until death?

Surely one of these will give you some direction.
Happy jotting my sweet friends.


Finishing up the journaling prompts and ideas,

so until then...check out these amazing photos submitted for this subject.

I totally could have picked SOOOOO many more, but these stood out and are just plain delicious to me.

You guys have NO idea how much you all inspire me...