Monday, February 4, 2008

Jot It - Subject Two - Collections

Twenty Three Ideas for JOTting Subject Two.

1. When did this collection start?
2. How did it start?
3. Which item started it all?
4. Which is your most favorite of the bunch and why?
5. Which is your least favorite of the bunch and why?
6. Which is the newest addition and when was it purchased?
7. Which is the most expensive, and are you ashamed to admit just how much it was?
8. Which is the cheapest of the group?
9. Which do you consider to be the most interesting and why?
10. Which is the ugliest of all? What makes it so ugly?
11. Are people jealous of your collection?
12. Do people help you?
By buying you additions at Christmas or birthdays or keeping their eyes peeled at thrift stores?
13. List them all. Out beside the list of each one write a little comment.
14. Does your collection take up lots of space? If so, is that cool with everyone in the house?
15. Does this collection annoy others, and if so why?
16. Did this start on purpose or was it an accidental accumulation?
17. Did someone in particular inspire this obsession?
18. Would you ever get rid of this collection?
19. What would it take for you to get rid of it?
20. Does it collect dust or is it lovingly attended to often?
21. Is the relationship with your prized possessions serious or casual?
22. Which gets the most use?
23. Are you "over" your collection, but will probably have until death?

Surely one of these will give you some direction.
Happy jotting my sweet friends.


Anonymous said...

I'll get to this one today and post to my blog. I am loving that I found your site!

firelizardz said...

I am really enjoying this - thank you for being soooooo inspirational....

Beautifullily said...

Wow, that list will keep me going, have printed it out ad off for a ponder

Katy said...

Uploaded my pic today and have enthusiastically written too! Thanks for the great topic and prompts!

Maria said...

Thank you! You can´t imagine how much your prompts help me to write, journaling is always my biggest challenge!

kim brimhall said...

Yay...i was waiting for some inspiration....and of course i'd find it here!!

SweetPeaMama said...

Great prompts! Thanks!! They really help - this is so much fun :)

willowthewysp said...

Fab blog you got going here!
Will have to start playing along too:)

Jill said...

I'm a total lurker, but one of these days I'll play along. In the meantime, I'm loving all of the BRILLIANT ideas and inspiration I see here!

Pegasus said...

My daughter gave me a great idea. She thought that, with this list of prompts, I should do a mini book about my CPK collection. I took these prompts and wrote all weekend. I took some more specific pics too. This is great. Now I can't wait to see what the 3rd part of the project is; to see if a mini book would fit in. :0)

Kim said...

"an accidental accumulation"... I love that :)