Monday, February 11, 2008

Make It - Subject Two - Collections

So this is Part III - which concludes the three part challenge of Subject Two - Collections.

If you are just joining us, this is the week that the picture you took for Part I and your thoughts from Part II are combined in some way. Whether its a traditional scrapbook page, a daily addition to your own personal journal , a blog entry with the two, a mini album, a daily card, or something for your home.

Try to create something that joins the two together.

Remember - no time limits - no deadlines - no requirements...If you ever come to Overlooked and just aren't "feeling" the subject - you just aren't inspired DON'T DO IT. Get in where you fit in...have fun. Do it because you want to do it...

I have created a Flickr Group for Part III. I have been asked to create a group for each individual Subject...Don't be mad at me - but I'm just going to stick to the one group for now.

Overlooked - Make It - All Subjects

This is also a CHOICE that you have. Please feel free to ONLY upload your project (if you wish) to the online gallery of your choosing and if you want to share your Part III love - then leave a link to the what you have created and post it in the comments section of this entry. Don't feel like you have to post it here as well as the place you normally upload layouts.

A couple of simple suggestions for your projects.

  1. Going back to the journaling idea - how about writing a list of each item in your collection along with dates, or comments about it.
  2. What about using arrows cut out of different patterened papers and pointing to different items in the collection and jotting a couple of thoughts about them.
  3. Use something from your collection on your page. If you save postcards - use one! If you collect stamps - add one! If you save patches - attach one! If you snapped a picture of your child's ever growing artwork pile as your collection - scrap right on top of it! (you get my drift)

So come on...rock my socks off...pretty please?!



About Me. said...

Ashley, have you posted a winner yet for your "Cheese to Macaroni" Challenge?

~wenhether~ said...

Just finished a layout all about Subject Two! I'll post a pic as soon as it dries!! Sneak peek on my blog!


willowthewysp said...

I am SO going to join in on the next subject! Although i will do the last 2 to catch up as well:)
This blog ROCKS!!!

Mary said...

It sure does Willow.......glad to have you on board. I've posted mine on flickr.

Nikki_Wartho said...

Here is my layout on my collection!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this! :) I posted mine last night and also caught up by doing subject 1 as well!

Thanks for all the inspiration.

Was wondering 2 things
1. You mentioned in an earlier post that you wanted to do a widget for everyone's blogs. Are you still trying to do that? If there's anything you need/want help with I'd love to give you hand :)

2. Would you consider putting a "Track This Blog" link on here? I use Blogarithm but there are others out there. I'd love to be able to get updates of your blog via my e-mail.

Thanks and keep up the awesome work! :)

Rachel Whetzel said...

I guess I'm the odd man out, but I really don't like that there are more than two groups. I think it's too much work to add a new group every prompt. I personally would prefer one group for all subjects and the PHOTO part, and then the second, MADE IT group for the final product. I don't see myself sticking to it if I have to add Flickr groups left and right. I use Flickr a lot, and it drives me NUTS to have a ton of groups to piddle with. Stinks, because I really liked the concept.

~wenhether~ said...

Uploaded my pics last night! Can't wait for Subject 3!!


Jessica F said...

One Flickr Group for Part 1 (the photo) and one Flickr Group for Part 3 (the page) is perfect! (aka plenty!)

I don't want to have to join a new group each week anyways and people will post mostly in the order of the subjects anyways so it will be easy to find what you need! :)

Michelle said...

Here are my projects for subject 2! I ended up making 2 pages cuz I took so many

Awesome challenge, Aw! =)

Jessica F said...

I realized I just said what Rachel W said above. I think there should only be 2 really. Not one for the final page and a new one each week for the photos. But that's just my opinion... :) xo

Rianne said...

Finished my lay-out.
Love it how it turned out.
Thanks Ashley for the inspiration.

Can't harly wait for no.3

Katy said...
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Katy said...

Here's my page! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Nicole said...

Here's mine! This was fun!

Lucy R. E. said...

my "part III" was too big to upload to flickr, but i posted it on my blog at

drop by any time :)

Jan said...

Here's my little layout for the collection I FINALLY decided upon - my antique bowls:

Bowled Over

angela said...

here is mine : from Brazil!

MJ said...

My finished project is posted on my blog as well as scrapbook pages of the same collection by a 2 year old and a 4 year old who have now officially been introduced to scrapbooking! The 3 of us had a great time! Thanks for the inspiration!

Maria said...

my "make it" for subject two is here:
Thanks!! ;-)

Amy said...

took a little bit to get this one finished, but i just posted my scrapbook page on my blog.