Monday, January 28, 2008

Snap It. - Subject Two. - Collections

collection - [kuh-lek-shuhn]something that is collected; a group of objects or an amount of material accumulated in one location, esp. for some purpose or as a result of some process:

Whether its on purpose or accidental we all COLLECT something.

Whether it started as a child or started last week we all COLLECT something.

Whether you have 2 or 274 - its still a COLLECTION.

Whether its something you brag about or something you are embarrassed of - its still something you COLLECT.

You can be serious about this subject by showing your vintage vinyl COLLECTION or whether its lighthearted by snapping the dust that is COLLECTING on your cookbooks because you just hate to cook.

Also...please note - it does not have to be YOU. If your son COLLECTS old school Godzilla items like my 7 yr old does - that would be cool. If your husband has hundreds and hundreds of bottle caps (as shown) like my husband does - that would be work too.

Sometimes you might not even REALIZE how big this COLLECTION has gotten. When you go to snap this photo - you might be completely surprised at just how much how many you have - and just how fast this collection has grown!

Consider these ideas: A photo of your collection neatly layed out on a brightly colored background.

A photo of your collection in a big ole pile.

A photo of this collection exactly where its displayed in the house. (This could mean 15 different photos if your love for owls is scattered all around your home.)

A photo of your collection in a very neat stack.

A photo of your collection in a very crooked stack.

A photo of the "favorite" of the collection.

A photo of the "least" favorite of the collection.

A photo with you (or the owner)and the whole collection.

Of course here is some delicious calorie free Flickr eyecandy.

1. IMG_0696.JPG, 2. Seashell Collection, 3. don't think i'm kidding when i say i collect lip gloss and chapstick, 4. My Bouncy Ball Collection, 5. Troll Pile, 6. cookie jars 2, 7. Bottle Caps, 8. batts, 9. message in a bottle, 10. The charm of a mortar and pestle, 11. books, 12. DSCN2177, 13. funny pens, 14. owl collection, 15. cookie cutters, 16. sept0307 043, 17. a chronicle of obsessions, 18. Pezazz!!!!!

I also want to address something really quick...when i say NO POSERS ALLOWED, this means you can't be fake in what you are snapping. It does not mean you can't take your subject out of its element and be creative with the photograph.

Let me explain by giving an example. I say take a picture of your collections. You adore big chunky beaded necklaces, but you only have one. To go out and buy three more and then take a picture of this would not be real but also unfair to all 22 of those purses you have. But to take all of your Harry Potter books off the shelf and to lay them out or stack them neatly would be OK. Does this make sense?

There will be times where the subject is "as is" meaning you have to be true to how it is at that very second - but there are times where you need to get creative with the photo. I really hope that comes across as understandable and not hypocritical.

So there it is...there is Subject Two. Collections. Compilations. Accumulation. Whether deliberately or not.

Is it earrings, purses, books by a certain author, fonts, makeup, lotions, owls, expensive china, initials, paintings by a certain artist, journals, troll dolls, Godzilla toys, hot wheels, ticket stubs, letters, or postcards.

So I ask you, what do you collect? Go snap it...and post it here.

Overlooked - Subject Two - Collections


Sunday, January 27, 2008

A sharpie + A plain mug = uniqueness.

So this is it.
My simple yet fun idea for making a simple mug fun and personal.
Take a sharpie in the color of your choice - and simply write your word (ala Ali) or your mantra.
keep it simple.
keep it neat.
make it yours.
fun right?
Elise's mug inspired this idea.
SO freaking simple - yet to me it really does speak volumes.
And who might be your *new* favorite mug.
And if you make one - and feel like it, i would LOVE to see all the words that you all live by. So post it to our Make It Group
I made myself the relax one...but I'm wanting to send out the Overlooker one.
i used a random number generator - I used numbers 1-376 because thats how many members we have. It selected number 145.
I have selected the 145th member to join...which is....Sarajea,(who's photos are so insanely beautiful they make me want to scream) so send me your address!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

as promised...

to do list

make a widget for everyone's blog. working on this.

post project involving a coffee mug. coming later today.

get ready for Subject 2. done.

answer any questions any of you might have. check out the FAQ spot on the sidebar.

I had requests to create a Flickr group for all the layouts, projects, journal entries created using the Overlooked Subjects.
So here it is! This will be ONE spot for ALl subjects.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Make It - Subject One - Coffee Mug

So this is Part III - which concludes the three part challenge of Subject One our Coffee Mugs.

So this is the week that you will take your picture and your thoughts and combine them in some way. Whether it be a traditional scrapbook page, a daily addition to your own personal journal , a blog entry with the two, a mini album, a daily card, or something for your house. Try to create something that joins the two together.

There are no time restraints, and there is no pressure. I'm not for that. Also, you won't upload your final creation into the Overlooked Flickr Group. (The Group is solely for Part I)

Just upload your project (if you wish) to the online gallery of your choosing and if you want to share your Part III love - then leave a link to the what you have created and post it in the comments section of this entry.

My creative challenge to you is:
Make a Coffee Ring directly ON your page.
(again...just a suggestion -its completely optional)

Somehow, someway make a coffee ring directly onto your project.

I will be back later this week with my layout, a pretty simple (but rad) idea, and a little giveaway.

Check these fun things out...

Recycled Gift Cards
Embroidered Coffee Sleeves


umm do i see 334 members?!
holy guacamole.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Jot It - Subject One - Coffee Mug

*Before you start reading the Jot It suggestions I just want to take the time to get emotional with you all. I CANNOT believe the response to Overlooked. I am floored. I am so excited, honored, and amazed that you all are going to accompany me with this. I wanted to create a spot, a place that I myself would be inspired at. I was hoping with fingers crossed that a few people would join me. But in no way did I think that number would climb to 256. 256 Overlookers.WOW. Coffee mugs from all around the world. Who would have thought it. So all I can tell you is thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Let's continue shall we?

Direction - Starting Points - Suggestions - Springboards - Ideas

Jot down the history of your favorite mug.
Where did you get it?
Do you even remember?
Did you buy it because it was just SO rad that you had to have it?
Did it used to be someone else's, and you somehow acquired it?
How long have you had this favorite mug of yours?
Could another one ever take its place?
Or is this a replacement for your favorite one that has since been lost or broken?

How does Coffee play into your morning routine?
Are you the "Instant Human Just Add Coffee" type?
Do you make coffee first thing as you stumble into the kitchen?
Are you capable of doing ANYTHING before that first mug full?
What do you do while you have that first mug? Do you check your email, read the newspaper, read the book of the moment, surf the Internet? Go about your morning chores?
What time do you get up and what time is the coffee maker started? Compare the times.
Who makes the coffee? You? Your partner? Is it waiting for you when you get up?
Do you have the alarm set on it - to brew at a particular time every morning?
Does your weekend routine change your coffee habit?

How many cups a day?
Is it just that initial mug to get you going?
Do you drink it all throughout the day?
Do you drink it at night?
Do you only drink it when you meet with friends at Starbucks?
What happens if you don't drink the norm?

Sugar? Splenda? Equal? Sweet N Low? - If so, how many?
What kind of creamer? The liquid or the powder?
Do you like the original flavor or are you constantly trying and experimenting w/new flavors every time your out?
How much creamer?
Would you like a little coffee to go with that cream?
Regular or Decaf?
Folgers or Starbucks?
Are you a coffee snob?
Do you like it super dee duper hot? Warm? Iced?

Welcome to ___________ what can I make for you this morning?
Pretend that you are placing your order for your typical morning coffee.
What would you order?
Are you overly confident?
Does it take you forever to finally decide?
Are you one of those customers that intimidates me when I'm at Starbucks waiting behind you?
The kind that goes something like this: "Um yes, Let me get a Tall Chai with NO water added - at a temperature of 185 - with a dash of soymilk." I don't even know enough to imitate it. I'm not making fun...I'm simply in awe. Last time I was there I picked up one of those "How to order at Starbucks booklets, maybe that will help.

So for the next week - jot down what you would like to say in regards to your mug. Your coffee routine. You DO NOT share it will be combined with your picture for a scrapbook page or a journal entry.

My ideas are simply that. Just suggestions. Just some starters to get that incredible mind of yours going - get the wheels turning.

On my second mug of the morning,

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Snap It - Subject One - Coffee Mug

You might have tons of them in the cabinet.

And yes, you might use them all at one time or another.
But there is always that ONE that you prefer.

That one you will search in the dishwasher for as opposed to simply grabbing one off the shelf.

That one that is just a wee bit more popular than the others.

Whether its because it has sentimental value, because of who gave it to you or its just more visually appealing to you, it could be the most practical of the bunch, it could be your oldest one. It could be the newest one, but it has to be your favorite.

It might be so un-cute- even hideous -but for some reason its the one you are almost always sipping out of.
Maybe you get a Starbucks coffee every morning on the way to work. If that's the case - then that's your picture!

But please don't take a picture of the pretty hot pink polka dotted one when you know good and well that the one with the Gremlins on it is your favorite.

No posers allowed remember?!

If you aren't a coffee drinker...think about another drink of choice.
Maybe you're an avid Diet Coke drinker, do you always reach for the same glass or cup? Do you prefer a McDonald's coke to go?
Do you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner?
What about a nice cup of hot tea at night before bed - curled up with a book?
Think about those mugs, those cups, those glasses and Snap It.

With these subjects, Be creative with your photo!!

Consider these ideas:
A photo of your mug where it most commonly sits (by your computer, on the kitchen island)
A photo of yourself drinking coffee with your mug.
A photo of your mug in the cabinet.
A photo of your to-go mug in your car's cup holder because you drink it on the way.
A photo of your mug in a crazy random place.
A photo of your mug filled with coffee/hot tea and next to the newspaper.
A photo of your mug on top of the book you are currently reading.
A drawing of your mug.

I have absolutely no doubts, NONE WHATSOEVER that you all are going to blow me away.
Here is some eye candy to inspire you and motivate you. (just in case you need it)

1., 2. ° s t a r b u c k s °, 3. 516, 4. Stackacuppa, 5. Coffee Mug #2, 6. Stopping Gravity, 7. cowboy coffee, 8. morning tea, 9. The Drive to Work, 10. 100_0047, 11. my favorite mug, 12. shelly's mug, 13. Mugsly, 14. tea mug, 15. favorite mug, 16. FW: Smile!, 17. Coffee Mug, 18. Saturday Night Live Mug, 19. The Pessimist's Mug, 20. my favorite mug, 21. my favourite mug, 22. my favorite mug, 23. favourite tea, 24. My Froggy Mug, 25. my favourite mug - 23/365, 26. my favorite coffee cup., 27. kaffeeklatsch, 28. Every day is Friday, 29. Untitled, 30. Would you like some Coffee?, 31. Coffee Maker, 32. support your thirsty #388, 33. j o s i p h y, 34. j a v a, 35. pregnant mornings are wonderful, 36. Missed my coffee shots?

I really envision this blog, and this group to have photos from all over the world grouped together JUST like this.

But they will be ours - and we will learn about each other - and be inspired by each other.

*And I can't stress to you enough - As soon as possible after you take the photo, post it to the group. That way if you don't get around to the scrapbook page or journal entry for awhile - you have contributed to the big picture here! I want to see your mug!

So go snap it...go snap a picture of your most commonly used mug and upload it to our Flickr Group. Overlooked - Subject One

I will be back on the 14th - with loads of journaling ideas, prompts, and guidance . So all I'm asking for is that creative photo of your mug. (not your face, but what you pour your coffee in)

sipping coffee from MY favorite mug, aw


I will update this as often as needed.
It is NEVER too late to join. If you have just now found this groovy little spot, you can get in on the current subject, or you can start with the 1st and work your way through. If you aren't feeling one - do a different one. There are no deadlines to having anything done - and the only thing you need to do to get involved is upload your picture to the coordinating Flickr group. You don't need to email me to "sign up", as there is no official sign up. Everyone is invited and its never too late!
First, you need to be viewing your photo. You need to be logged in. You will see your photos and any sets that you have created.
1. Click on the photo that you want to put in the group.
2. Find the SEND TO GROUP button at the top left of your photo...
3. Click on that, and select the group that you want your photo to go to.
4. DONE!!
You can also add batches of photos by going to your ORGANIZE section.
Drag the photos that you want to send to the group into the large box in the center, and then click SEND TO GROUP in the middle area of the tool bars.
thanks whetzel momma!
Of course...and here it is. This will be home to creations made using ALL subjects.