Monday, January 14, 2008

Jot It - Subject One - Coffee Mug

*Before you start reading the Jot It suggestions I just want to take the time to get emotional with you all. I CANNOT believe the response to Overlooked. I am floored. I am so excited, honored, and amazed that you all are going to accompany me with this. I wanted to create a spot, a place that I myself would be inspired at. I was hoping with fingers crossed that a few people would join me. But in no way did I think that number would climb to 256. 256 Overlookers.WOW. Coffee mugs from all around the world. Who would have thought it. So all I can tell you is thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Let's continue shall we?

Direction - Starting Points - Suggestions - Springboards - Ideas

Jot down the history of your favorite mug.
Where did you get it?
Do you even remember?
Did you buy it because it was just SO rad that you had to have it?
Did it used to be someone else's, and you somehow acquired it?
How long have you had this favorite mug of yours?
Could another one ever take its place?
Or is this a replacement for your favorite one that has since been lost or broken?

How does Coffee play into your morning routine?
Are you the "Instant Human Just Add Coffee" type?
Do you make coffee first thing as you stumble into the kitchen?
Are you capable of doing ANYTHING before that first mug full?
What do you do while you have that first mug? Do you check your email, read the newspaper, read the book of the moment, surf the Internet? Go about your morning chores?
What time do you get up and what time is the coffee maker started? Compare the times.
Who makes the coffee? You? Your partner? Is it waiting for you when you get up?
Do you have the alarm set on it - to brew at a particular time every morning?
Does your weekend routine change your coffee habit?

How many cups a day?
Is it just that initial mug to get you going?
Do you drink it all throughout the day?
Do you drink it at night?
Do you only drink it when you meet with friends at Starbucks?
What happens if you don't drink the norm?

Sugar? Splenda? Equal? Sweet N Low? - If so, how many?
What kind of creamer? The liquid or the powder?
Do you like the original flavor or are you constantly trying and experimenting w/new flavors every time your out?
How much creamer?
Would you like a little coffee to go with that cream?
Regular or Decaf?
Folgers or Starbucks?
Are you a coffee snob?
Do you like it super dee duper hot? Warm? Iced?

Welcome to ___________ what can I make for you this morning?
Pretend that you are placing your order for your typical morning coffee.
What would you order?
Are you overly confident?
Does it take you forever to finally decide?
Are you one of those customers that intimidates me when I'm at Starbucks waiting behind you?
The kind that goes something like this: "Um yes, Let me get a Tall Chai with NO water added - at a temperature of 185 - with a dash of soymilk." I don't even know enough to imitate it. I'm not making fun...I'm simply in awe. Last time I was there I picked up one of those "How to order at Starbucks booklets, maybe that will help.

So for the next week - jot down what you would like to say in regards to your mug. Your coffee routine. You DO NOT share it will be combined with your picture for a scrapbook page or a journal entry.

My ideas are simply that. Just suggestions. Just some starters to get that incredible mind of yours going - get the wheels turning.

On my second mug of the morning,


Beautifullily said...

I've been waiting all morning for the prompt, forgot you weren't on UK time! Thanks for all the hints and suggestions, have done some jottings, but will add some more as the day goes on - loving this challenge!

SweetPeaMama said...

I'm drinking my first cup as I read your great prompts! BTW - I LOVE the map on Flicker!!!

Nikki said...

Hurrah - have email the prompt to work so I can think about it tomorrow. Thought it would be later in the day my time before it was up...

Rianne said...

Wow, guess I can fill a whole book with these idea's. Love it that there are so many of us here

Michelle*G said...

Fabulous suggestions! And the new group is amazing! I love the map and all the different mugs. A wonderful slice of life that we all can share. Thanks for doing this. :)

Jessica F said...

Fun, fun, fun! xo

Rachel Whetzel said...

Good suggestions!! I have actually scrapped this mug already, but I think I might take a different angle this time...

Rachel Whetzel said...

PS I can VIEW the map on Flickr, but I can't figure out how to add mine. I've clicked on just about every place I can think of!

Rhi said...

Ashley, my dear, i am a green tea girl all the way!
the only coffee for me is starbucks, and i AM one of those pretentious ones ;)

Lisa said...

Drinking my 16oz breve as I type :) and friends don't let friends drink Starbucks! That is when you have access to so many other great little coffee places. Thanks for the prompts Ashley, just fantastic... and I really appreciate you taking time to do this blog. Thanks!

Kellie said...

Hey Ashley! Definately some food for thought. :)
Planning on going to Starbucks tonight with a friend. ;)
K, off to journal. :)

MJ said...

I've already journaled some ideas. Here's a little music for inspiration: "Java Jive" which was performed by Manhattan Transfer in the 1970s (altho it originates with the Ink Spots in the 1950s). This is so much fun! I've been waiting for your post all week. Looking forward to next week's!

Mary said...

Excellent prompts - thanks. Am loving this group and there's soooo many of us!

michelle said...

Working on my second pot and it's ALMOST noon. Can't wait to tell my mug how much I love it!

Michelle said...

Awesome starting points, Ashley!! =) gonna go start jotting some stuff down right now...he he

sarah said...

this is so fun ash!
so fun!

tanya_williams said...

Congrats on all of the members!!! I keep coming back looking to see "how many more now?"..:)
You are the BOMB!
Loving this!

Silverstar said...

I've just uploaded my mug so I'm a bit behind. But better late than never I say :D:D

One cool chick said...

hi. just stumbled upon this and i totally signed up!

Mrs. Moody said...

This has definitely given me some things to think about. I can't wait to get started and get on the ball with things. I need to print this out so I can mull over it when I have those spare moments. :)

Suzanne said...

I just wanted to say Thank You for doing this challenge. It's been so fun and I just love checking out all the photos. I just know it's going to be even more fun as time goes on. Thanks again!

valerie said...

great prompts have filled a page and a half of an exersice book already and haven't even finished


Feenie said...

Ashley, I just have to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU from the very corner recesses of my heart for this blog!!!!! I have ALWAYS been a writer--I have even been asked to write children's books before--but most of the time I find that my thoughts come to me so quick and jumbled that I struggle trying to get them all written down. I can feel already(and we're only on the first assignment!!) that through this blog I will get MUCH journaling done that needs to be done! Thanks for your "guidance!" You are ONE AWESOME LADY!!!

angela said...

hum, I really need to write my journaling right now, cause I love all your sugestions!

Andrea said...

So awesome Ash!!!!
I don't think I've ever wrote so much in the morning before :D

Love you :)

Jana said...

I have just filled a word file with my thoughts on my mug. What a great goal for the year. I am right here for the ride. I took the picture last week. Just haven't downloaded it yet.


Shannon Parks said...

You are so awesome! Thank you for putting so much work into this. I know that keeping up a blog like this takes a lot of time and I really appreciate you sharing your FRESH ideas. I had a lot more to say about my morning tea then I thought :)

Je said...

Am I too late?
I just posted and am going to write the journaling down right now! :)

Sue said...

Woo Hoo, I have just found your blog, what a FAB idea. Thank you so much, I can't wait to take a photo of my fav mug and whitter on about my love for Starbucks! I'm in Dubai, so I must get me on the map, how fun! So looking forward to catching up. Sue

Nicole Carro said...

Found your blog through Vee - I absolutely love the whole idea. I'd love to play along - thanks for sharing your ideas.

Kris Cahill said...

So fun! Just found you through Creative Every Day, and I'm happy I did. Lovely blog, I'll be back. :-)

KarinSN said...

Great blog! Great Challnge! Great inspiration!

Terri H said...

I will have to get this done in the morning...its jsut on 12am here & I need some sleep. Will upload once its all finished.

iHanna said...

Just found my way here from Leah at creative everyday. I DO have a favorite cup and I'd love to join if I can do a journal page about it and not scrap it. Do you have a flickr group for this? So we can easy see each others photos and journals/albums? Or will you post photos here in your blog? :-)

And another question: do you have a button so everyone can link to your site? that is always a good idea - not that you need the word out about this! hehe

Stacy said...

I hope I'm not too late. I just found this blog. Great idea! I'm gonna put my pic up on flickr.

Becky said...

Ashley -- loving the blog! As I read through it I think you might enjoy the new Life It Photos (no posing!) group that has just started up.... would love for you to join in...and certainly spread the word! Take a closer look: