Friday, March 21, 2008

Make It - Subject III - The Fridge


Use an actual grocery list on your page.

Use an actual coupon on your page.

Make a mini album about each thing that is ALWAYS in the fridge.

Use arrows to point to each item and write a quick note about it.

Make a little fridge out of paper and use as an accents.

Use magnets.

Create magnets.

Use some packaging from a commonly purchased item.

Write your journaling in checklist style.

Have Fun with it...that is a rule.



Axel said...

I have been very patient this time and waited for the layout instructions lol so now im of to
put it all together woohoo

Shalini said...

Hey! Just found your blog during a routine blog hop..LOL
Sounds like great fun...I'll try and catch up to your previous subjects and be on the look out for the next one.

heyhoewarren said...

great layout Ashley! will have a go this weekend.

sally hanna said...

it's time for me to jump back on the bandwagon.
this is hands down the best subject ever. ever. ever.

Axel said...

Hi there,I have finished my take.
You can see it on my blog.

thanks for the inspiration

Nikki_Wartho said...

Here is my layout, had alot of fun with this!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I just snapped some pics of the inside of my fridge -- and I'll work on this later as a journal page. Thanks!

Axel said...

Hi aw, whens the next one up iv lost track lol

Christina said...

I too am waiting for the next challenge? Is this a one a month challenge and when do we get a new one? I have been working on my other two LOs and am almost ready to post them. This is really the type of challenge I have been looking for. No more cutie baby/kid photos that a sappy. I am tired of that. Isnt that awful? I have two young daughters but I really want to do something different and this is perfect. Thanks so much!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

can't wait to see the next topic!

Rianne said...

It took a while, but here is mine.
My lo, fridge.

greetings, Rianne