Friday, April 18, 2008

Snap It. Subject IV. TV/DVD Love.

I could make a million and one excuses about why I haven't given all my attention and focus to Overlooked. I could draft a formal apology and explain why I am a couple of weeks late on getting the current subject to you...

I could even say I agree with just how freaking annoying it is when you are anticipating something that isn't happening.

But just know that I love this blog - I love coming up with the challenges, I love seeing the photos...its everything I hoped it would be and more.

But sometimes things that I find fun and do as a side project MUST take a backseat to the needs of my family or myself.

I have a feeling that you all completely understand where I'm coming from.

With that being said...let's move on.

So we all watch TV.
some of us watch a little. some of us watch too much.
i have to admit that getting satelite with DVR is officially one of my most appreciated luxuries.

No more flipping through channels, no more mindless TV, no more missing good quality shows (Like Rock of Love II)

I can actually NOT feel guilty about watching TV...because I tuck the kids into bed, make some hot tea, fold laundry...and actually pick between programs that i WANT to watch.

So here it is----->Subject IV.

Take a picture, or find a way to document the shows you are completely enjoying RIGHT NOW.

Because things change. Your interest, writer's strikes, shows ending, highly anticipated shows beginning.

(I have a confession...I gave up Dr. Phil on January 1st...and I used to love me some Dr. Phil)


I know that not everyone watches TV, likes TV, has a DVR/TiVo option. So there is a 2nd option for this subject. Go to your DVD player - open it up - and take a picture of the DVD that is currently in there. This will be a great slice of life - showing you what you are currently watching and even the beginnings of a favorite movie mini album - or a page with your favorite movie quotes, or love for an actor or an actress.

Consider these ideas...
*A snapshot of what you currently have saved on your TiVO or DVR. (like a screen shot)
*A picture of your TV routine. (example: My laundry basket, the remote, a cup of hot tea)

*A picture of ALL your movies and how you store them.

*A picture of the stack of movies that is "out" of where they normally go. (meaning a stack of
ones you recently watched or always watch.

(For all you parents)
*A picture of the DVD that is on repeat currently in your home (Can I get an amen for Toy
Story, Cars, or Shark Boy and Lava Girl?!)

*A picture of your favorite movie/TV snack or drink.

*A picture of your chair or quilt that you snuggle in/with when watching TV.

*A picture of a current TV guide.

*A picture of your Blockbuster (or movie store) card.

*A picture of your Netflix/Blockbuster movies still in the mailbox.

*A picture of any device that you watch your movies on. (iPod, Portable DVD player, Computer)

I have some really cool and helpful journaling prompts for take an amazing picture - find a perfect picture from a magazine(if its a show logo, or an ad for he show - even an interview with your favorite actor) and I will help you with the writing.




Poopsie said...

no apologies needed. I have missed seeing you and hope all is well.
I love my DVR! who knew that 100 hours would not be enough time in a week?
I am looking forward to getting back on track,
Cindy P :)

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

dude! i totally get that life thing! you just have us intrigued and eager to see what the next topic is!

so don't be apologizing! i would hate for 'family' to end up on the overlooked list because of the overlooked site. mmmkay?

Vee said...

dude this has ME all over it!! loves you :)

Greta Adams said...

this is my layout about my FAV mindless/trash tv show...
god i love this man!!

Anonymous said...

I missed you, but that is OK.

kim brimhall said...

woo HOO! im sooo happy you are back! thinking of photo now:)

MJ said...

Hope all is well now! I have been so delayed in completing project number 3 and just posted it tonight on my blog! (Actually, each week that I checked Overlooked, I was relieved that there weren't new prompts as I didn't have the time to complete my last project until now!) Thanks for waiting for me!!

I'm very challenged by this tv prompt. I'll have to think hard on how to work on this project next!

ahardy said...

goooood one ashley.

Violet said...

Excellent! Completely understand the absence. Excited about this challenge - can you say "DVDs out where they're not suppose to be"?

Liddy said...
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Liddy said...

Loved this challenge, very cool to do a layout on something "outside the box".
Thanks for the inspiration.

Steph said...

I didn't make a layout of this pic but I used it for my 365 self portrait project.

Melonie said...

YAY! So much fun. Glad you are back and you never need to post an apology for living life!