Friday, June 20, 2008


its been almost two months?
i taught a class @ SISiversary last weekend...and it consumed me for 3+ months.
i know you all understand,
that sometimes things take a backseat.
i have new ideas,
i have some new direction.
let's try this again shall we?
i have your support right?
i thought so.
meet me here...Monday June 30th @ 8am...
and we will start fresh and a new.



MJ said...

Oh no! I'm not done my last page! Here I thought I had lots of time left! Oh, the pressure is on now! LOL! Glad to see you back! You lead, I'll follow (albeit hobbling sometimes!)....

Kristy said...

I'm still here & will be there on June 30. Love me some new overlooked!!

Courtneybee said...


I can't wait! I'll be there!

Jill said...

No problem! I'm guilty, too -- I still haven't finished the last challenge. I'm all for the CTRL + ALT + DELETE idea right now.

~wenhether~ said...

I will be here! Really looking forwazrd to getting started!!!
I've took the pictures from our last and they are printed, but not scrapped!!! I'll get right one that!!
Live Laugh LOVE,

Stephanie said...

I am so there. here. well, you know what I mean. see ya then.

tanya_williams said...

I'm so there!!!!...well, not at 8am, I'll be leaving for work, but that night...I'm there!

Jan said...

YAY, Ashley! I was going to ask you about this at SISiversary, but didn't want to be a bug....

And I just starting working on my fridge page, so I'm gonna DO IT!


Debee Campos said...

she's back

i can't wait
lub u

kristy.lynn said...

gave me a chance to catch up!
will totally be here :)

kim brimhall said...

im down:)

clara said...

wehooo she's back!

Patricia said...

I'm with you!