Monday, April 28, 2008

Jot It. Subject IV. TV/Movie Love

18+ Journaling Ideas for your viewing and jotting pleasure...

1. What do you do while you watch TV? Are you very focused on the show? Or are you a multi-tasker? Do you fold laundry, pay bills, surf the Internet, eat dinner, drink a cup of coffee, snuggle with your loved one(s), do your homework, or scrapbook?

2. Are you pretty laid back and chill - or are you always having to "shhhh" people?

3. Write out what is currently on your DVR/TiVo could even do shortcuts. (Example)
Mine would go something like this:

The Office (13)
LOST (11)
SNL (6)
Power Rangers Jungle Fury (5)

4. Write a list of all the movies you have.

5. Jot down a little note or two about your favorite "TV watching" beverage or snack.

6. Parents- how many times a day do you have to put in that ONE movie for your child that they love so much? How long have they loved it? Write down a few movies that they have gone through this phase with.

7. What about a show that you CANNOT believe that you actually watch. Whether its because its not your style, or its "cheesy"...

8. Call your movie store or look up online and jot some journaling down about the last 5 movies you rented. Give a review of each one, or rank them 1-5.

9. Who is your TV crush? Write down why....(dibs on Patrick Dempsey)

10. Simply write about your all time favorite TV show. (whether still on air or not)

11. Simply write about your all time favorite movie.

12. Write about a movie that you did NOT want to watch, but did - and you LOVED it.

13. If you DVR/TiVo you watch it right away? or just whenever you get a second...

14. Is there a TV show your spouse/gf/bf got you hooked on or vice versa?

15. Do you have TV's in all of your rooms?
My husband refuses to have a TV in our room - and I am grateful for that.

16. Do you watch the same episode over and over? (with LOST sometimes i have to)

17. When you are done with a show - do you delete it? Or Save it?

18. Could you give up TV for an extended amount of time? Would you be better because of it?

Get to writing - you will be glad you did...i promise.
Thanks for the sweet words and all the understanding.
I appreciate it more than you know.


SweetPeaMama said...

Great prompts! Thank you!

I love this category - I'm such a TV/Movie person!! I immediately took pictures last week - I just haven't posted them! Hmm - didn't post my fridge pics either - but I did take them! Just wanted to let you know that some of us are still participating even if we can't manage to get our pics posted!!

Keep em coming!

Axel said...

to be honest i dont watch tv, not even the news, i dont have much time for me so use it doing my scraping or things that intrest me on the net.

MJ said...

I'm sheepish but I'm in! Posted my photos on my blog at . Never realized how hard it is to actually photograph a tv show. Am pondering how to scrapbook this!

Patricia said...

Great one, Ashley, I'm late getting in on this one, but will be adding some pics soon!!

Stefi said...

Hello i'm new!!! ***waves frantically!!!***

not too sure what i'm doing i have kinda done prompt number one wasn't sure where to post it so i have stuck it all on a blogger page

will try and catch up over the weekend, not finished reading the full blog yet!!!! but was eager to get going!!! xxx

MJ said...

I love it when you aren't prompt with your prompts! Thank you for giving me extra time without a guilty conscience! This project has been extra-extra work for me. Soon I plan to start pen/pencil colouring my page. Can't believe I can't find anything ready-made to help me! Thanks for your patience (grin)!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Hey there! Lookin forward to the next subject!

Nessa said...


MJ said...

I'm finally done. This project has stumped me and I got stretch marks from it! It's posted at

My preschoolers also participated and their pages are posted too! I'm ready for the next prompt! Thanks!