Monday, July 7, 2008

Jot It. Subject V. Street Signs.

Consider these ideas when thinking about journaling your street sign.

Write the directions in the same way that you would describe to someone how to get to your house.

Write about the landmarks you always pass on your way home.

Do you love your neighborhood?

Do you love your neighbors? Whether you do or you don't...describe them.

How long have you lived on this road? Do you think you will ever leave?

Do you live in the city? The country?

What are some observations you have while turning into your neighborhood?

Here is the new group to upload your picture to...Flickr Group Subject V

If you have a cool prompt idea for this me @ - share the inspiration!

I am working slowly but surely on making this place a little cozier - and a little more visually appealing. Also thinking about things I can do to inspire you more - and get more people involved. I am always open for suggestions.

Have a good week Overlookers!



Liesbeth said...

Thanks Ashley - I'm glad for this new challenge! I will upload my "street sign" photo later today!
I created a layout for the previous challenge some time ago (not sure if anyone else did, heehee) - can I post it in the flickr group to share?

Anonymous said...

Love the look of the "revised" site. Much easier to read and love the banner.

Andy said...

love the look so far. it looks great.

Radiogirl said...

I created a mosaic for last week's challenge. fun. I'll get around to posting it in the flickr area.

Pegasus said...

great new overlooked! I am going to try this new challenge...we'll see what comes of it. :0)

Jana said...

Loving the new look.
Don't worry or feel guilty about the pause between challenges.
Life happens to the best of us.

MichelleStrachan said...

Glad to hear you're back in action! Great new overlooked challenge. I'm not a regular here, more of a lurker, but I'd like to jump in if I can manage! Love your concept!

Lu said...

what a killer idea...must try this.

MJ said...

I finished my layout! It's posted at

Am looking forward to your return and more prompts! Happy summer days!